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A human being being human
Recovery from the human condition

"I'm just walking around with something valid to say
But I don't make a sound cause no one's talking today
I just do what I'm told cause I'm so afraid
To be the one who lives life in a different way" Gracie & Rachel

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A Letter From I am, To Myself

I’m feeling motivated, heard, understood, grateful very much not alone right now. I feel like my voice matters, the thing is it is not my...

Slaves of Technology

I saw the movie Moonfall last night. It actually wasn’t the chosen movie but we went to the wrong theatre so we just picked the next...

It’s ok to be conflicted!

Conflicted by definition is having or showing confused and mutually inconsistent feelings. I feel this way often. I just googled what...

Oh, to pretend.

Do you ever have days where you just want to pretend, where your imagination is on overload? Albert Einstein said that imagination is...

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