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A Collective Vision of Community: Emergent Strategy

I am a firm believer in the transformative potential of community. However, our capitalistic society has witnessed the co-optation of this concept. In the realm of community nonprofits, although many leaders adopt the nonprofit structure to distance themselves from the pitfalls of capitalism, the fundamental structures and systems often persist unchanged.

Paradoxically, these leaders frequently earn salaries at least twice the amount of their highest-paid colleagues. I once worked under an executive director who openly acknowledged the inequality of his wage, yet justified it by citing the need to maintain a certain lifestyle. Subtle forms of exploitation and domination were prevalent during my time there, undermining the very essence of a true community.

My vision of a genuine community transcends the pervasive grip of capitalistic ideals that continually undercut our progress. In this vision, the community operates as a self-sustaining entity, guided by principles of equitable labor and barter. This envisions a departure from the profit-centric approach that prevails in our current society. Instead, the emphasis lies in fostering a collective consciousness where each member contributes equitably and reaps benefits that align with their input.

I envision a community where the pursuit of material excess takes a backseat to the values of collaboration, mutual aid, and solidarity. This calls for dismantling the conventional power structures that perpetuate inequality. By nurturing an environment where everyone's contributions are valued equally, we can reestablish the essence of community and reclaim it from the clutches of capitalist exploitation.

Ultimately, the transformation of our concept of community rests on challenging the status quo and embracing a path of shared sustainability and fair reciprocity. This vision requires dismantling the very foundations that enable the co-optation of community, forging a new model that is inherently just, equitable, and empowering for all its members.

Interested in being a part of the email list or contributing to the creation of a fresh community vision? Perhaps you simply wish to observe and engage in support group activities. Regardless of your preference, the form below is your gateway to connecting with the Neurodivergent Community Building email list.

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