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A Human's Reflections

Updated: Jan 21

Some do not like my ideas, I understand,

But when they turn it personal, it hurts my hand.

I am just a human, a simple soul,

All I ask is kindness, a friendly hello.

I don't bite, I criticize systems not people,

For I love all, that's what makes me equal.

People share their pain, unconsciously it's true,

Verbally, intuitively, it affects me too.

I stay at home, where the world feels less tough,

But when I step out, it's often rough.

A lonely man talking to himself, I see,

And houseless folks, a sad reality.

Yet amidst the pain, there's still so much love,

A friend with a beautiful home, from above.

A stranger's kindness, a customer service smile,

These simple acts, can bring us miles.

I am grateful for my life, my family and friends,

My pets and plants, that never come to an end.

I am grateful for my privilege, I know it's true,

For all these blessings, my heart overflows.

So I am not fragile, but highly sensitive I am,

With an open heart, to help those in need, a hand.

For that's what makes us human, after all,

To love and care, standing tall.

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