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A Letter From I am, To Myself

I’m feeling motivated, heard, understood, grateful very much not alone right now. I feel like my voice matters, the thing is it is not my voice I don’t speak these words, I dont know where they come from but they are wise and true and need to be listened to. I speak for all who have been opressed, patronized, marginalized, ridculed, categorized, traumatized, and dehumanized. No one person is at fault no one person can fix it. We are living in a glass house. Fucking break that glass, everyone break the glass, tear open the boxes that our society has put you in. They were built by fear it self. The only way to battle fear is by walking right through it, break the glass. Fear is a construct that creates divisiveness.

Love is the way through fear. And remeber that love is an action. When we love we empower love. It is a chain reaction. So the next time you are faced with fear choose love. Fear disapates with love, love is patient and kind and considerate and forgiving and it estinguishes the flames of fear. What brings you fear? Sit with it fear is most often an underlying feeling. Why do you believe what you believe, search for it, is it truly what you believe or is it fear? Fear tells us to not take that meaningful risk because we might get hurt it keeps us anxious, alone, and afraid. Love tells us to be courageous and take that risk and I will be here right next to you every step of the way.

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