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Battles Within, Love Without

In a fortress of strength, she stands alone,

Her spirit feisty, her heart turned to stone.

Your love, a chisel, gently broke through,

Revealing a soul honest and true.

Yet, as the walls fall, fear begins to pour,

Demons of the past knocking at her door.

Tread softly, my dear, these battles aren't yours,

These are her fights, with her own scores.

Patience, my love, is the key to her heart,

For healing her scars is only the start.

The light in her eyes, once dimmed by the storm,

Is finding its way back, slowly transforming her form.

The girl she once was, vibrant and free,

Is returning in glimpses, for you to see.

Just hold her close, with love that's pure and right,

It's your silent strength that wins this fight.

Her journey is hers, a path she must tread,

With love as her shield, and you by her side, ahead.

For in the end, it's her choice, her voice, her story,

Battles within, love without, her journey to glory.


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