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Behind the Veil of Brilliance

I'm smart, I'm quick, I'm sharp as a knife,

But the pain I feel is just as rife,

Intelligence is not a shield,

It only lets me see what's real.

The world is rough, it's tough out there,

What we once thought was progress, now is despair,

The American dream is just a lie,

An illusion we hold on tight, as we try.

So many struggle, so many suffer,

The few hold on to their dream like a buffer,

They fear the redistribution of wealth,

As if it would threaten their mental health.

But the truth is plain, for all to see,

The dream they hold on to is just a fantasy,

We need to face the facts, and make a change,

To create a world that is truly sane.

So let's use our smarts, let's use our might,

To create a world that's fair and bright,

Where intelligence is not a curse,

And the pain we feel is not rehearsed.

"Giftedness is not an accomplishment or entitlement. It's a mindset and an attitude towards life." - Kemi Sokoya

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