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Bridging “Othering”

Updated: Jan 21

In the world of "Woke," let's take a spin,

A term with meanings tucked in its grin.

Beneath the surface, a tale to be told,

A journey of consciousness, a story unfolds.

Collective awakening, a magical brew,

We've all become aware, yes, even you!

A momentous shift, like a fluttering bird,

Discovering ourselves, it's quite absurd!

But with every great story, a twist takes the lead,

A challenge called "Othering," a curious need.

It's a defense mechanism, to shield from the new,

When we meet our true selves, it can make us ask, "Who?"

"Othering" stands as a bridge, a curious gate,

A portal within, where courage we create.

A phase in our journey, a chapter well-read,

To understand ourselves and others, instead.

So, "Woke" becomes our guide, a whimsical song,

Illuminating the path, where we all truly belong.

In this grand awakening, love finds its tune,

In a world where understanding dances beneath the moon's silver spoon.


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