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Building Bridges with Friends

Updated: Jan 21

Oh, my dear friends, lend an ear,

I've a tale to tell, in rhymes so clear.

In a world I've crafted, both unique and grand,

I built some bridges to your land.

These bridges, my friends, are a sight to see,

A connection twixt you and me.

They represent efforts, oh so true,

To understand and be understood by you.

But alas, some bridges went up in flames,

Misunderstandings played their games.

And others, I dismantled, oh so wise,

To shield myself from surprise.

Yet, my half of the bridge stands tall,

Inviting you to heed my call.

"I'm over here," I shout with glee,

"It's beautiful, can't you see?"

But to truly revel in the view,

We need a bridge constructed by you.

A partnership, a joint endeavor,

To connect our worlds, now and forever.

I'm eager to share my world so bright,

Its colors, its textures, its endless light.

But I need your hand, your heart, your grace,

To build a bridge to my special place.

Together we'll forge understanding's key,

Acceptance, empathy, for you and me.

Let's create bridges, both strong and wide,

Connecting our worlds, side by side.

In a world so colorful, let's unite,

Explore each other's worlds, day and night.

Celebrate differences, our hearts correspond,

In a land where compassion creates a bon

So join me, dear friends, in this grand quest,

To build bridges that are truly the best.

A world where we dance, hand in hand,

Together we'll make it, I know you'll understand.

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