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Connect the Dots, La La La La

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

As a curious and inquisitive individual, I have a holistic perspective on the nature of things. I am not confined by the traditional boundaries of expertise, for my passions extend beyond the limits of one specific discipline. My understanding of entropy transcends the typical association with thermodynamics and encompasses a broader, interdisciplinary perspective.

I recognize that entropy exists in all systems, both living and nonliving, where free energy is available to perform work. And as energy declines within a system, entropy increases, marking a rise in disorder and uncertainty. While entropy can be mathematically and statistically defined, I understand it as a measure of the degree of chaos and unpredictability within a system.

As a self-taught learner, I've acquired a patchwork of formal education in psychology, art, peer mentorship, and systems transformation. My diverse background encompasses over 25 years of experience in business and systems operations.

While I may not be able to recall specific dates or details, I am well-versed in the interplay of addiction, trauma, mental health, oppression, capitalism, neurodiversity, and liberation. My mind is constantly thirsting for knowledge, and I have a gift for retaining and processing information with ease, making me a well-rounded learner.

As a child, I recall playing the game of connecting the dots and being captivated by its simplicity and the endless possibilities it held. Peewee Herman's show was a highlight for me, as it showcased this game and provided a sense of comfort and familiarity. The show was a safe haven, meant for kids like myself who didn't quite fit in.

I see myself as a human connect the dots game, constantly making connections and seeing the world in a unique and diverse manner. I am among many others like myself, who possess an open-minded and open-hearted approach to life. Despite being introverted and preferring a quiet and introspective lifestyle, there is a burning desire within us to be heard and understood. Our large minds and hearts enable us to see beyond the surface and delve deeper into the complexities of life.

I don't define myself by labels or categories such as "gifted" or "2e". These terms may describe certain aspects of my brain functioning and traits, but they don't fully capture who I am as a human being.

My identity is shaped by a multitude of factors, including my experiences, education, spiritual beliefs, and cultural background. Additionally, I carry with me the impact of societal conditioning, trauma, and unconscious biases, all of which contribute to my worldview. Ultimately, I lead with my humanity, recognizing that others' worldviews are equally complex and shaped by their own unique experiences and backgrounds.

I'm sharing this message to let you know that being neurodivergent, whether it's ADHD, Autism, giftedness, or anything else, does not mean you're flawed. The notion of being "disordered" is a socially constructed idea, born out of the narrow-minded and rigid worldview that puts people on a hierarchy and assumes that only a small percentage of the population should be creating the world's materialistic paradise.

It's time to change this mindset. We don't have to conform or try to fit into someone else's mold. We can set boundaries, we can say no, and we can work towards a better world, starting with a basic understanding of the concept of entropy in systems. Don't be afraid to embrace your individuality and break free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Our systems are plagued by disorder and unpredictability as the available energy that fuels them decreases and we approach the maximum entropy threshold. To sustain its existence, a system must prevent entropy from reaching its peak, as maximum entropy is synonymous with system failure. In the context of social systems, we can resist the system's grasp on our energy and use it to effect change, rather than allowing it to deplete and contribute to the system's decline. We are not obligated to abide by the system, and instead, we have the power to reshape it.

Transforming systems is a difficult and often thankless task, but it is also a labor of love. This work demands a deep dive into one's personal beliefs, approached with both introspection and empathy. It calls for a willingness to embrace new ways of thinking, speaking, and shaping the world around us. At its core, it embodies the spirit of evolution, breaking down barriers that separate us socially, environmentally, and spiritually and freeing us from the monotony of the status quo.

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