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Connect the Dots, La La La La

Updated: Jan 17

Entropy is typically associated with thermodynamics however entropy exists in all systems, nonliving and living, that possess free energy for doing work. As system energy declines, entropy increases. Entropy has explicit mathematical and statistical definitions, but can be roughly defined as the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system.

I will preface with this, I am not an expert at anything (especially not thermodynamics), at least not in the traditional sense of the word. I do not have letters behind my name and I don’t pretend to know everything. I suppose I am not an expert because everything fascinates me and I see how everything is connected, I can’t narrow down and focus on just one component of a system, it is all relevant.

I am an autodidact with formal education spewed in here and there. I have a psychology of addictions degree and an art degree and I have had formal training in peer mentorship and systems transformation. I have also worked in business and systems operations for over 25 years.

Do I know when Freud was born or why Pavlov didn’t have a cat? Nope and I don’t think it is relevant. Do I know the intersections of addiction, trauma, mental health, opression, capitalism, neurodivergence and liberation? Yep I sure do, and I learn more and more everyday. I learn most things on my own, I have a high functioning brain that retains information and processes information faster than most.

Do you remember playing the game connect the dots when you where a kid? Peewee Herman had a show where he played this game regulary, I loved it it was like my safe haven. His show was meant for kids like me, misfits!

My brain is like a connect the dots game, I have extended awareness and make connections that most people are eluded to. There are many folks like me, we are just part of the spectrum of humanity, we have really big open minds and really big open hearts. We tend to be homebodies and introverts, we are usally behind the scenes though we have a strong desire to be heard and understood.

I could call myself a gifted person, techincally my identity would be 2e, which means twice expceptional, I am gifted and I present with ADHD type traits as well. However, I don’t lead with any form or combination of identities I lead with my humanity.

I am so much more than how my brain works, my high sensitivities, or my credentials. My being includes my lived and living experience, my education, my spiritual practices, and my social practices. I also have loads of social conditioning, trauma, and biases created by a system that I never consented to. My worldview is all determined by and because of these things. Your worldview is all determined by and because of these things.

ADHD, Autism, giftenedness and other neurodivergent exceptions to the norm do not make you disordered. Disordered is a social construct created because we don’t fit into the system that has a close minded, absolute worldview. A worldview that puts humans on a hierarchy. A worldview that believes that 99% of the worlds population should be producing 1% of the worlds materialistic utopia.

I write this today because I want you to know that if you feel different, like you don’t fit it, like this world wasn’t built for you it’s because it wasn’t. Here’s the catch, we can change that. We can have boundaries, we can say no, and we can change the world for the better starting with the basic idea of system’s entropy. You don’t have to conform you don’t have to try to fit your square self into their round fucking holes.

Our systems have a high degree of disorder and uncertainty, because the free energy that they have possessed is dwindling, we are reaching the max entropy level. A sustainable system must, by definition, ensure that its entropy level does not rise to the maximum, as maximum entropy is tantamount to system death. So basically in social systems if we stop giving away our free energy for the system to possess then down goes the system. We don’t have to consent to the system, we can use our energy to transform the system.

So many people are doing this work. It’s challenging and mostly unpaid labor, it’s a labor of love. Transformational work is not for the weary it requires you to dive deep into your own personal belief systems with a critical and compassionate lens. It requires you to open your mind and heart to new ways of listening, communicating and creating. It is the essence of evolutionary thinking which breaks down the social, ecological, and spiritual divides that keep us all stuck on the hamster wheel.

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