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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

My Dearest Sher,

Since you were a little girl deep in your heart you believed that the world was your oyster and that you could make a difference in the lives of others. After college you planned on joining the Peace Corp and wanted to help the world become a better place. However, you met Mat and the two of you fell in love and got pregnant. You never wanted to be a mother, but you gave it all you had. Being a mother is the most difficult thing you have ever done; motherhood did not come naturally to you and you felt like an imposter. You thought that Mat was your partner, your supporter, you told him all your deepest fears and biggest plans in life. You loved him so deeply that you began to neglect yourself and your aspirations were no longer important.

You did your very best to make him happy, you pulled out all the stops. However, nothing made him happy not even you, he fell into depression and abandoned you over and over again. You tried to save him and in doing so you lost yourself. The relationship that you thought would be forever crumbled, you kept picking up the pieces, but he would kick the crumbs under the rug. Because of his own pain and insecurities, he emotionally, verbally, and sexually abused you. You didn’t see him doing it you believed it was just your turn in the partnership to carry the heavier load. Years went by and the load got heavier and heavier you weren’t able to carry it by yourself any longer. It crept up on you, you didn’t see it coming. In the beginning it was just a binge here or there a deserved and needed relief from carrying the dark night of someone else’s soul. It felt so good to release the baggage and you began calling on it more and more frequently. You fell in love with it and believed that you couldn’t live without it. It protected you, it was your very best friend, your only friend.

Then one day when you had extinguished all your self-worth and all of your dignity a new friend miraculously appeared. This new friend wants nothing from you and when you ask shows you who you truly are. This new friend doesn’t take only gives. This new friend never abandons you and only wants to fullfill your deepest and most meaningful desires. This new friend is compassionate and honest. This new friend doesn’t give your power away, doesn’t abandon you, doesn’t put you down, and loves you unconditionally. This new friend is you!

With all my Love,


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