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Fortitude Within

Updated: Jan 21

In a hole so dark and deep,

I sat and pondered, no joy to keep,

Not a fun place, I must admit,

But there I stayed, in shadows lit.

Many hands reached out to save,

To pull me up, my soul to pave,

But I slapped them away with might,

A stubborn heart, in lonely plight.

Then came a message, loud and clear,

A truth revealed, I couldn't veer,

I saw I dragged others down with me,

In my abyss, they couldn't be free.

Though not my fault, I now confess,

It's my duty to heal, to redress,

Forced into humility, love's decree,

By those who care, who cherish me.

Blessed, I feel, by the ones who care,

To guide me through despair's snare,

To lift me up, help me find the way,

To heal my heart, come what may.

So from this darkness, I'll rise above,

With boundless grace, and newfound love,

To mend my wounds, make my heart fit,

And in the light, my spirit will flit

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