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Growth happens in the here and now...

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

About three weeks ago I joined a super sacred private, guarded by a high priestess online women’s group. As I write this I see all the red flags. I was kicked out and banned. I wasn’t enlightened enough or maybe because I was too enlightened? It’s irrelevant. In all reality I was banned because I was unpopular. I have unpopular opinions and an unpopular worldview, and that evokes a lot of fear in people. A whole lot of internal conflict was projected onto me.

The time I spent in the group was mostly sharing of life experience and what I witnessed was fragile ego’s padded by all sorts of spiritual materialism. The “ministers” and “high priestess” where not in the real world they were of another world. Clairvoyants, mediums, you name it they had many more credentials than I, some of which I didn’t even know existed. I was out of my league and they let me know it.

In my short time there I unfortunately did not learn how to see the future, evoke ancestral messages, or learn what happens when Jupiter is in Aquarius. I think my higher self sabotaged my ego, and I am grateful for that, that feels like growth to me.

I can see how in this day and age it would be so easy to get caught in this trap of using hand picked rituals and spiritual practices to distract from the real world. What happened in that group is not important what is important is what I learned. Real change, as it relates to our community, friendships, and society can only be made in the real world. I’m glad to be back on earth :).

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