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Growth happens in the here and now...

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

In a society where truth is often hidden behind a veil of spiritual materialism, I recently encountered a group of women who were deeply entrenched in this falsehood. Despite the guarded secrecy and high priestess that served as gatekeepers, I found myself drawn to this community, eager to engage and share my life experiences.

However, what I encountered within this circle was not a sanctuary of authentic connection and growth, but rather a place where fragile egos were propped up by an array of spiritual credentials and external markers of supposed enlightenment. I was quickly made aware that my unpopular opinions and worldview were not welcome, and I was cast out and banned from the group.

In this moment of rejection, I was faced with a profound realization. The true path to growth, transformation, and real change lies not in the world of handpicked rituals and spiritual practices, but in the tangible, real world. It is only by engaging with and embracing our humanity, in all its complexities and imperfections, that we can truly grow and bring about positive change in our communities, friendships, and society as a whole.

I am grateful for my experience in this group, for it has shown me that true spiritual growth is not about accumulating esoteric knowledge or external markers of enlightenment, but about embracing the truth of our own being and engaging with the world around us with love and compassion.

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