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Hurt People, Hurt People

You know, I am just so sad that our country is taking this enormous, gigantic, leap backward.

I’m angry because I know it is a power move and has nothing to do with murding babies or morality or any other strawman arguement. The truth is this is all about fear, distraction, and greed.

But it won’t hold wait it can’t because we have come too far for this, WE HAVE COME TO FAR FOR THIS. This is a opportunity for us to to lead with love and to let them make their own beds. We can show them what integrity is.

Every single American knows deep in their being what the right thing to do is. I believe in us, I beleive that we will prevail. This is not about us against them, their is no them - they are us, a piece of us we just don’t know yet.

We can do it differently, we don’t have to play their devisive game. We can manifest the outcome that we want, we just need to put it out their.

Instead of playing the role of defense we need to hold the tension. How do we hold the tension in systems that are collapsing around us, how do we do it differently?

This is our opportunity to shift the paradigm, to lead with love, to invite them in to our world and try to understand theirs. We can not project our anger or pain we must take respsobsibility for it. We need to seek safety in numbers, we need compassionate observers to our pain. Only then can we be curious and not critical about theirs.

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