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Integral Life Series : Waking Up

Sher Griffin

Waking up - is increasing your internal awarenss and can be achieved in a variety a ways including but not limitied to plant medicine, meditation, yoga, somatic expereincing, self reflection, etc.

Waking up is about learning who you are beneath the surface and beyond societal conditioning. Waking up is not one aha moment it is an integration of multiple aha’s it is a process of deconditioning. It is pulling back the layers of armour that we have created to survive in a world that has told us to that to be in it we have to be, act, and create in a certain way.

The process of waking up is profound and courageous and there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is about gettting to know yourself on a deeply intimate level. It is spiritual in the highest sense of the word; to know yourself is to know god.

You don’t need a guru, your don’t need religion, and you don’t need any special crystals, beads, or prayers. All you need is to begin to trust your own innnate intution. We all have it and we all have been conditioned to not trust it. Screw the system, they are wrong, they want us to distrust ourselves because when we wake up we see that we are all one multi-dimensional being, a part of a collective system, and they have been using us.

When you wake up you take your sovereignty back!!

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