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It’s ok to be conflicted!

Conflicted by definition is having or showing confused and mutually inconsistent feelings. I feel this way often.

I just googled what does it mean to be in conflict with someone. Here’s the omnipotents answer…”Conflict is serious disagreement and argument about something important. If two people or groups are in conflict, they have had a serious disagreement or argument and have not yet reached agreement. Try to keep any conflict between you and your ex-partner to a minimum.”

I disagree. Does that mean that google and I are having a serious disagreement? And is the true meaning of conflict important?

To me conflict is necessary, conflict shows us what we care about what is important. It’s when conflict can’t be tolerated that we lose. And, even worse when difference can’t be tolerated and accepted this is when we all lose. This is abuse. This is what our society has become. White male systems perpetuate this. Systems that are designed to keep conflict at a minimum and underestimate the impact. But conflict is not abuse, abuse is systems that can’t tolerate difference.

So be conflicted and have conflicts, because conflicts create understanding that can change the world!

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