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Leading With Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a good leader lately. First and foremost I truly believe that no one and I mean no one is called to leadership, leadership is given not grabbed. Love is an action not a feeling!

Meaning that power and influence is earned by acting in a collectives best interest. When leaders don’t act in their collective interest, but act in a self-centered, privileged way, the followers will eventually undermine their power or simply leave and seek out a different collective.

When I choose a group to join whether it’s work, spiritual, or social, I am looking for an altruistic leader(s); someone who will act to promote the welfare of the collective, even at a risk or cost to themselves.

Altruistic behavior is essential in servant-leadership, as it promotes a focus on others. This behavior prompts the leader to engage in admirable acts perhaps unorthodox and unconventional, which often assume great personal risks and oblation. Altruistic leaders are not rule makers or rulers, they seek collective collaboration. They are naturally and organically followed because they lead with love.

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