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Letter to the editor: New human

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

New Human,

I bet that you want to be with the people you love and who love you, doing what matters to you most with a full sense of safety. I bet you want to support others to have this life as well. I bet, you believe love is the universal human condition.

I will also be so bold to say that you want everyone who is part of our organizations and communities to have this as well, no more or no less than you. You believe everyone is born worthy of this kind of life, period.

There is such a load of accountablity we have placed on science these days to solve our worldly problems. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but science isn't cutting it, it was not ever meant to do this work we need to give them a break.

Right now data and statistics are causing us more harm than good. When we say that 50% of a population got better by doing this that means 50% of people are not being heard. Why did it not work for them, what was different.

This is where the magic lies, in the other 50%. In research we most often focus on the majority, which keeps the minority marginalized. There are to many variables, there are always to many variables.

Human beings are complex, we ourselves are made up of multiple different micro organisms. Why then do we spend loads of time and money trying to develop algorithms for human behavior. It’s a futile endeavor because you can’t mesaure one of the most important elements of human behavior the unconscious. At least not in the traditional scientific sense of things. We can’t prove that what you see in your dreams is real or false, it is just.

Scientists typically are realists they are taught to only trust what they can prove. Scientists have reluctantly barked up the wrong tree. Measuring, disecting, and putting the unconscious unders a microscope, say what?? It’s simply not their role.

Now don’t get me wrong science is very, very important it’s just their gifts and tools don’t work for this. It takes much more open minds, minds that see the connections where others do not, those who utterly trust their intuitions, people with visions, people who can hold the tension, it takes a new human.

New humans are not better than any other humans. Everyone has the innate capacity to become a new human. You only need to want to be a new human to begin the odyessey. I would take an ancetodal guess that about 12% of the worlds population are new humans.

Oh and there is a map to become a new human. It’s quite simple. Here it is.

Waking up - is increasing your internal awarenss and can be achieved in a variety a ways including but not limitied to: plant medicine, meditation, yoga, somatic expereincing, self reflection, thai chai, or whatever spiritual practice resonates with you.

Growing up - is increasing your external awareness and competencies and can be achieved through: formal education, informal education, persepective building, bias breaking, language reconfiguration, listening, value development, and more.

Cleaning up - is an integration of your newfound internal awareness and can include shadow work, internal family systems, therapy, and other personal integration work.

Showing up - is a commitment to integrating your newfound external awareness and can include advocacy, educating others, systems change, and more.

Resources: (type what your interested in and go to town)

Google, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok. New humans are typically pretty tech savvy!!

Some of my current fav new humans that are on the internet if your curious, though I can’t even begin to list them all:

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