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Letter to the editor: New human

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

New Human,

It's understandable that you aspire to be surrounded by those you love and who love you, doing what you value the most while feeling safe. I imagine that you also desire to help others have the same experience. Your belief in love as the universal human condition is a beautiful one.

Similarly, it's likely that you hope for everyone in our organizations and communities to have the same opportunities and experiences. You believe that everyone is deserving of a fulfilling life, regardless of any differences.

Science has been placed with a heavy burden to solve many of the world's problems, but the truth is that science was never meant to carry this weight alone. The reliance on data and statistics may sometimes do more harm than good, as it only represents a portion of the population and disregards the experiences of the other half.

Human beings are complex and composed of multiple microorganisms, yet we still try to understand human behavior through algorithms. This is a futile attempt as the unconscious mind, which plays a significant role in human behavior, cannot be fully understood through traditional scientific methods.

Science is incredibly important, but it has its limitations. To truly understand and make progress in human experience and behavior, it takes a different approach. It takes open-minded individuals who see connections where others don't, trust their intuition, and can handle the tension. It takes someone who is a "new human."

Becoming a new human is not an exclusive characteristic, as everyone has the capacity to do so. All it takes is the desire to begin the journey. It's estimated that about 12% of the world's population are new humans.

There is a roadmap to becoming a new human:

  1. Waking up - increasing internal awareness through spiritual practices like plant medicine, meditation, yoga, and others.

  2. Growing up - expanding external awareness and competencies through education, perspective building, and more.

  3. Cleaning up - integrating newfound internal awareness through shadow work, therapy, and personal integration work.

  4. Showing up - committing to integrating newfound external awareness through advocacy and education.

There are many resources available, including but not limited to, Google, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Many new humans are tech-savvy. You can also explore new humans who are on the internet to expand your knowledge and understanding.

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