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Oh, to pretend.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The importance of imagination has been acknowledged and celebrated by great minds throughout history. From Einstein's belief that imagination is more valuable than knowledge, to Ali's understanding that without it, we are stagnant, the power of imagination has long been recognized as essential for creativity and innovation.

In a world that increasingly values efficiency and convenience, our imagination can sometimes become dulled, relegated to the realm of idle distraction. We have become so enamored with the limitless possibilities of technology that we have forgotten the value of letting our minds wander freely, to be inspired and moved by the power of our own imagination.

Take Instagram filters, for example. They are an interesting novelty, but they often serve little more than to waste our time. The filter may change the appearance of our photos, but it fails to touch the heart or move the imagination in any meaningful way.

But then there are moments when we are reminded of the transformative power of imagination, like when we come across a photo from Halloween 2017 and remember the thrill of being Jareth from Labyrinth, one of our favorite childhood fantasy movies. These moments remind us of the delight that can be found in letting our minds wander to the infinite, in indulging in the limitless possibilities of our imagination.

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