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Our Emerging Future - Through the Eyes of a Seer

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

As Albert Einstein once noted, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know." This wisdom speaks to the ongoing evolution of human understanding and the realization that a new paradigm of equitable treatment for all is taking root. This emerging movement seeks to reconstruct our collective reality, marking the beginning of a revolution in consciousness that views inequality as a collective issue to be addressed, rather than a personal struggle to be endured. At its core, this revolution envisions a world where every person is seen as a sibling, and where inclusion is no longer an optional characteristic, but a fundamental aspect of our shared humanity.

Envision a world where the harm of othering is acknowledged as a widespread, systemic trauma that requires collective healing. The practice of exclusion will be remembered and taught as a lesson for all humanity. Equality will be a non-negotiable principle, upheld and practiced in every aspect of society. We will adopt a holistic, integrated, and evolved perspective on crucial global issues such as human rights, environmental and resource protection, social and economic progress, and existential conflicts. Furthermore, we will embrace a decentralized approach to social and economic governance, fostering greater equality and justice for all.

The days of police brutality, violence, and mass incarceration will be replaced with a focus on counseling and rehabilitation. Those who have been marginalized will be embraced and treated with care and compassion by those who have been fortunate enough to avoid such suffering. Together, we will work towards creating a world where love is unconditional and not used as a means of exchange. By embracing a holistic and ascending approach, we will transcend beyond the traditional hierarchies and move humanity forward.

As an idealist, I march to the beat of a different drum and believe that idealism is a call to action, not a passive stance. It demands unwavering dedication, determination, an open and receptive mindset, an empathetic heart, and a willingness to act. I stay true to my fundamental principles of respect, humility, honesty, and empathy. These ideals and evolving values serve as the cornerstone of my aspirational vision for a harmonious and integrated world. In the words of Bill O'Brien, former CEO of Hanover Insurance “The success of an intervention, depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.”

As a spiritual visionary, I envision a future where hope prevails over fear, where kindness trumps hate, and compassion is the guiding principle of humanity. In this world, suffering and joy are shared and the wellbeing of the collective is prioritized as true human equality. I strive to embody love in all my actions and in the way I exist.

I believe that a significant change in our perception of reality is taking place, and the actions we take now will pave the way for a transformative shift in human consciousness. I have faith that I will be able to witness this transformation in my lifetime, and I see myself as a servant leader who will help bring about this new perspective.

My journey towards consciousness integration began on April 30th, 1979. It has been a remarkable and breathtaking experience. My life started at the naval hospital in San Diego, CA. I was born to Rexford James Morris, the youngest of five sons of World War II veteran Charles Morris, and Mary Lou Smith, the eldest of six siblings born to Rick and Betty Smith.

From a young age, I was known for my exceptional abilities and drive. My mother often boasted of my early achievements, including my ability to read and write at the age of three and my ambidextrous nature. Despite my ambition, I had a strong sense of uncertainty about what I wanted to pursue in life. I tried my hand at a variety of different things, all driven by my insatiable curiosity. This thirst for knowledge and discovery has always been a defining characteristic of mine.

During my formative years, from childhood to young adulthood, I pursued a variety of interests and passions. As a young child, I excelled in gymnastics and as a teenager, I delved into exploring different religions to find a sense of purpose. In my young adult years, I attended college for four years, seeking knowledge and self-discovery.

However, I failed to find fulfillment in these endeavors, leading me to turn to alcohol and detachment from life in my quest for meaning. It wasn't until a pivotal moment in my 40th year that I faced a spiritual crisis and the true depths of loneliness and despair brought on by addiction. This was my "Dark Night of the Soul."

My life journey is viewed with a grateful heart, filled with experiences of growth, love, heartbreak, and adventure. Each twist and turn is a valuable lesson, leading me closer to enlightenment. My spiritual awakening on July 16th, 2019 was a pivotal moment that opened my eyes to my purpose and connected me deeper to the world around me. From that day forward, I embraced my journey with a steadfast commitment, always open to the next step that will unfold before me.

I possess strong learning abilities and am able to quickly comprehend and retain information. This is evident in my academic and work achievements over the past three years, where I managed to excel in two full-time programs while also working full-time, earning a GPA of 3.98. I am comfortable working independently and have a keen eye for detail. My passion for learning is driven by my curiosity and imagination, and I am always eager to delve into meaningful and intricate research.

As the Senior Project Manager for Systems Transformation and Alignment at the Oregon Health Authority, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to the role. My prior position as the Program Director for Oregon Recovers, a social justice non-profit, solidified my commitment to advocacy, systems change, program development, and interpersonal practices for the betterment of society. My passion for social justice drives me to continuously strive for progress in these areas.

My leadership approach is transformational and focused on benefiting others, incorporating holistic theories. I view myself as equal to team members, recognizing the diversity of skills, emotional and cognitive styles, personalities, temperaments, and neurodivergence that make up a strong team.

I have a talent for inspiring others to become committed and passionate about a shared mission, especially when it aligns with my own passions. I effectively guide individual team members in uncovering their own strengths and desires. My teams describe me as having strong integrity and respect, and being compassionate, fair, transparent, equitable, and skilled in addressing trauma.

My understanding is that all trauma is systemic to the degree that is how we have evolved as a species. Societies main motivators are greed, pride, shame, and fear; front loaded emotions. All these motivators prelude neurosis, psychosis, addiction, oppression, marginalization, and self-harm. Humans are complex beings who are fearful of their Self’s, I want to help others learn how to replace this fear with unabated self-love.

Rather than shaming people for following their own path in life we need to lead the way to the trail of personal sovereignty. I have witnessed consciousness evolution in my forty-three years on this planet in many capacities. Not merely through my own self integrations and deep healing, but also through the experiences of those near me. I am grateful to contribute to and witness my fellow humans’ growth every day. I am thankful for the prospects I have to continue in my own spiritual development as I continue to bear witness to my love for humanity flourish. I have a satchel full of seeds for a new humanity and I want to pass those seeds on and support people tending to their gardens.

I am a practitioner of Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and I live a life of spiritual experience. I am an autodidact and I have studied varied and broad aspects of religions, culture and communities, sociology, integral theory, transpersonal psychology, depth psychology, liberation psychology, and other experiential psychologies ceaselessly for the past three years. I love poetry, philosophy, theory, and contemplating life’s greatest mysteries. My spiritual practice is comprised of the wisdom of Buddhism, the compassion of half a life lived seeking, and the integrative notions of holism.

My purpose in this life is to utilize my lived and living experience and education to help others to cope with the emotional and spiritual voyage of this life on earth. I know precisely what my purpose is, I know this like I know the sun is hot.

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