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Our Emerging Future - Through the Eyes of a Seer

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Albert Einstein said it best, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” This quote sums up the evolutionary expansiveness of humanity and is why I know, that a new worldview of human equity is emerging. It is a sprouting movement to reconstruct human reality, it is the commencement of the consciousness revolution. A revolution that looks at inequity as the utmost cruelty to any human being, as a collective problem to be swiftly solved and not a personal difficulty to be endured. Where every human being is your sister or brother, and inclusion is an adjective that is no longer compulsory.

Can you imagine a future that sees othering, in all its forms, recognized as THE systemic collective trauma in dire need of collective healing? Where the act of marginalization will be lamented and commemorated as a period of teaching for all of humanity. Equality will be irrefutably defined and embraced as standard. We will take a holistic, integrative, and evolutionary approach to global issues like human rights, climate and resource conservation, social and economic development, and existential conflicts and a decentralized approach to social and economic governance.

Police brutality, violence, and incarceration will be replaced with counseling and rehabilitation. The people of the world who have previously been left behind will be treated as loved ones needed and cared for by those who were privileged enough to escape the terror. We will collectively co-create new humans whose love is truly unconditional and not being used as currency. We will move humanity forward by rising through a holarchy and transcending the human hierarchy.

I am an idealist, I move against the stream, and I believe idealism is not for the feeble. Idealism necessitates commitment, perseverance, an open-mind, an open-heart, and an open-will. I attend daily to my core values of respect, humility, integrity, and compassion. Idealism and emerging values are the foundation of my integrative eupsychian dream. As Bill O'Brien, former CEO of Hanover Insurance, notably once said “The success of an intervention, depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.”

I am a spiritual revolutionary, the future to me looks like one where hope overwhelms fear where kindness overwhelms hate, where compassion is the prevailing world view. It is shared suffering and mutual joy. My vision of the future is one that is focused on the wellness of the collective as the true human equity. I labor to maintain a love ethic in how I be and in everything I do.

We are in the midst of a major paradigm shift, the work we do now will lead to a new turning that will integrate into our human consciousness experience. I believe that I will experience this major paradigm shift in my lifetime, and I believe I am expected to be a servant leader of this new worldview.

I started traveling the path of consciousness integration on April 30th, 1979, and oh what a beautiful voyage it has been. Life started on this planet for me in at the naval hospital in San Diego, CA. Born to Rexford James Morris, son of World War II veteran Charles Morris and the youngest of five brothers and Mary Lou Smith, daughter of Rick and Betty Smith, the oldest of six siblings.

Some of my early life accomplishments, at least according to my mother, are reading and writing at age three, ambidextrous, and extremely ambitious. Ambition is not the declaration that I choose nevertheless, from the time I can remember I have always had a strong intuition that I needed to work arduously at something. I just wasn’t sure what that something was, so I endeavored at all sorts of things. The character trait that I most identify with is curiosity.

Through my childhood, adolescence, teens, and young adulthood I would attach myself to whatever came into my per view. As a young child I competed competitively in gymnastics and as a teen it was a search for the meaning of life with a keen interest in the religions of the world. Young adulthood sent me a quest for knowledge and included four years of college, trying to figure out who “I” was supposed to be.

Without avail I tried to find my Self in a marriage and motherhood. When that proved futile, I looked to alcohol and complete detachment from life for meaning. It wasn’t until a couple months after my fortieth birthday that my true spiritual crisis ensued. Addiction gave exactly what it promised, utter loneliness and despair; I experienced the “Dark Night of the Soul”.

I don’t look back at my life with regret I look back with a smile. I see lesson after lesson half a lifetime of trial and error, love, heartbreak, adventure, and growth. I look at my life like the Buddhist symbol of the unalome, representing the path to enlightenment. The twists and turns of the spiral indicating the ups and downs in life and then the straight line signifying the breakthrough to equanimity.

I have always felt this ineffable connection to the world around me but on July 16th, 2019, I had for lack of a more suitable phrase, a spiritual awakening. The ineffable feeling that was eternally present made itself known, my purpose was made clear that day and I started on the most ambitious path of my life and haven’t looked back since. What’s different this time is the knowing, I know this is what I am supposed to do, and I remain open to take the next emergent step.

I am a highly adept, receptive, and quickly retain information. This can be seen in the thorough efforts that I have made over the last three years. I was dual enrolled in two full-time academic programs holding a 3.98 GPA while working a full-time job. I have a strong ability to work independently with ease and precision. I am most at home in the deep recesses of meaningful esoteric research. My curiosity and imagination never permit me boredom; I have an incessant desire for learning.

I am currently the senior project manager for Systems Transformation and Alignment at the Oregon Health Authority. Prior to this position I was the Program Director for Oregon Recovers, a social justice nonprofit in Oregon. Social justice is my driving passion for the labor of advocacy, systems change, program development, and interpersonal practices.

My leadership style is transformational and altruistic while integrating theories of holism. I do not consider myself in a “higher” or more important role than any members of my team. I believe that a team is comprised of diverse skillsets, levels of emotional and cognitive learning styles, unique and valuable personalities, temperaments, and neurodivergence.

My gift is my aptitude to grow people’s commitments and passions toward a mission. I am exceptionally prodigious at this when the mission is also my passion. I intuitively and naturally facilitate the process of individual team members discovering their own internal strengths and desires. My teams would say that I have a high-level of integrity and respect and that I am kind, fair, transparent, compassionate, equitable, and trauma competent.

I wish to further my education at California Institute of Integral Studies towards a Master of Arts in Anthropology and Social Change. My understanding is that all trauma is systemic to the degree that is how we have evolved as a species. Societies main motivators are greed, pride, shame, and fear; front loaded emotions. All these motivators prelude neurosis, psychosis, addiction, oppression, marginalization, and self-harm. Humans are complex beings who are fearful of their Self’s, I want to help others learn how to replace this fear with unabated self-love.

Rather than shaming people for following their own path in life we need to lead the way to the trail of personal sovereignty. I have witnessed consciousness evolution in my forty-three years on this planet in many capacities. Not merely through my own self integrations and deep healing, but also through the experiences of those near me. I am grateful to contribute to and witness my fellow humans’ growth every day. I am thankful for the prospects I have to continue in my own spiritual development as I continue to bear witness to my love for humanity flourish. I have a satchel full of seeds for a new humanity and I want to pass those seeds on and support people tending to their gardens.

I am a practitioner of Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and I live a life of spiritual experience. I am an autodidact and I have studied varied and broad aspects of religions, culture and communities, sociology, integral theory, transpersonal psychology, depth psychology, liberation psychology, and other experiential psychologies ceaselessly for the past three years. I love poetry, philosophy, theory, and contemplating life’s greatest mysteries. My spiritual practice is comprised of the wisdom of Buddhism, the compassion of half a life lived seeking, and the integrative notions of holism.

My purpose in this life is to utilize my lived and living experience and education to help others to cope with the emotional and spiritual voyage of this life on earth. I know precisely what my purpose is, I know this like I know the sun is hot.

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