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Self Actualized

Updated: May 23, 2022

“I am convinced that at this point we are going through a transformational crisis, from which we and our world cannot emerge unchanged.” - Carl Rogers

Not wanting to use the word "utopian", in the 70’s Rogers coined the term "eupsychian" to describe human-oriented institutions generated by self-actualized people. In his impromptu book A way of Being Maslow thought that the world would be much different than it is today.

The 1980’s, he thought, would be a period in which human choice would operate more decisively than ever before. He thought that technology would create a world that was not forced upon us, but a world that we could create ourselves. He thought we would become fully functioning humans.

Culture, age, socioeconomic status, community, IQ, race or any other formerly defining characteristic is of not matter for a fully functioning person (we are all one). The term you use to describe this type of person is of no significance either they all have the same fundamental meaning: self actualized, awakened, enlightened, fully functioning, a buddha.

The concept is as defined as you make it and one of the oldest basic human ideologies since the beginning of the human race. We were all one before we ever became separate. A fully functioning person is not developed it’s a peeling off layers, unlearned, unconditioned, and letting go of baggage. It is the recognition that you have everything you need already in you.

Becoming "self actualized" is subjective to the full extent however there are actions that one must practice if you are to stay in the process. Meditation, self reflection, connection to your innermost self daily, that is it.

The work you put in is what you get in return. Your reality shifts because you chose your reality. Your thoughts become distinctive and definable because you listen to your parts with assertive compassion. You will lose interest in external things because the internal connection provides all the love that you need. Your heart will soften and open because you love yourself first and foremost and when you love your own imperfections it’s effortless to love others as well.

You will become less anxious because you know that ultimately you know nothing and whatever happens will happen. You will experience emotional clarity because you realize the value of emotions, that they are a way for your body to communicate with you. Decision making will become easier, when you are just doing the next best/right thing there is no decisions to make.

Your relationships will improve and may shift entirely, you attract like energy. You will see the truth of the world and of yourself, when you see this you will know. You will become the most authentic version of yourself that you have ever been and each day will be more authentic than the last.

In short, it is the person that you know you are. So what if we just took off our masks, became vulnerable, and got comfortable with the uncomfortable. Perhaps Maslow’s convictions are just a few decades past due.

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