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Slaves of Technology

I saw the movie Moonfall last night. It actually wasn’t the chosen movie but we went to the wrong theatre so we just picked the next seven o’clock showing.

I typically love end of world movies’s I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the spectacle of it all. Maybe it’s that the truth is, humanity is closer to the end than to the beginning. Perhaps it’s because with an end there is always a new beginning and that brings me a sense of joy. I am certain that humanity needs a major course correction, this has been shared deep in my being in the connection with the collective.

Moonfall was about the moon detaching from its orbit and spiraling down to the earth. The fantasy science behind the plot is that the moon is a mega piece of technology that was formed by our ancestors in a far off galaxy of the universe after a war between technology and humanity were humanity lost. Are ancestors built the moon as a way to create earth and propagate it with the human DNA to continue the species. The Moon is powered by a captured white dwarf that is hollow and in its center is the collective unconscious.

Halle Berry was the main actress, and honestly I was not impressed. Now don’t get me wrong I love Halle Berry but she seemed flat in this movie, her affect was incredibly low, all the actors where. It was as if the CGI technology of the movie had stripped away the humaness of the acting. Green screens and COVID are to blame.

But I digress, after the movie my partner and I had quite an existential discussion. My partner’s biggest fear in life is death, I don’t fear death, in fact I embrace it as the ultimate of humanity. We come into this world with only one solid inescapable truth, death. That makes me feel safe.

The discussion bled to a talk about technology and if that movie has any truth behind it. I think of if as a Hollywood metaphor of how the world has become overly dependent on technology. We have created technology slaves and they’ve turned on us; we are becoming slaves of technology.

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