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Subjective Standards

Updated: Jan 21

Professionalism is subjective

A game that's played by a select few

The standards and norms are objective

But applied in ways that aren't true

The rules are murky, undefined

And often used to keep you in line

"Don't speak unless spoken to," they remind

Your opinions, ideas - out of line

But what if the rules were different?

What if we could break free from this mold?

What if our voices could be relevant

In the spaces where we have been told to withhold?

We must learn to navigate the system

Find the path that leads to our truth

No longer will we be a victim

Of a culture that demands our mute

So let's redefine professionalism

Make it a space where we can all thrive

Let's speak up, be heard, without criticism

A world where we all feel alive

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