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The Courage to Take Meaningful Risks

Updated: Jan 21

Have the courage to take risks that are real,

Challenge the dominant narrative, and reveal

The power of resistance, the strength to defy

The forces that seek to suppress and deny.

When they say it's too hard, don't let it deter

Your passion and drive, your will to endure,

For it's in the face of adversity that we find

The strength and resilience to push through and shine.

And when they say you need more patience to succeed,

Don't isolate yourself or simply concede,

Find more people with fervor, who can help you sustain

The struggle for justice, for equity to reign.

Together you'll overcome the obstacles that come,

And build a community where all can belong,

Where diversity and difference are seen as strengths,

And we work towards a world free of violence and hate.

And when they say, "We've tried it before,"

Don't be discouraged or feel stuck at the door,

For the work of liberation is ongoing and vast,

And each of us has a role in making change last.

So have the courage to take risks that matter,

And join hands with others to build and scatter,

For it's in the collective action we find,

The strength to create a world more fair and kind.

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