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The In-Between

Updated: Jan 21

There lies a space between the joy and pain, A place that’s often overlooked and plain, A part of life that’s not so black and white, Where shades of gray come out to shine so bright.

It’s not the high that brings a smile to face, Nor is it the low that brings us to our knees in disgrace, It’s the in-between that carries us through the day, A space where we can simply be and play.

It’s not commodified, nor is it despair, It’s a space that we can truly share, A place where we can just exist, And find some peace amidst life’s twists.

It’s not the triumph nor the defeat, But a journey where we can find our feet, A place where we can grow and learn, And our souls can take a gentle turn.

It’s a space where love can truly bloom, And our hearts can leave the safety of the room, It’s a space where we can truly connect, And our souls can feel truly perfect.

So let us embrace the in-between, And cherish the moments that come in between, For it’s in this space that life can truly unfold, And we can find the peace and love we truly hold.

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