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The In-Between

Updated: May 6

In the quietude between joy and sorrow,

There lies a realm both subtle and sublime.

A spectrum where the colors blend and borrow,

In shades of gray that dance beyond time.

It's neither the zenith of elation

Nor the nadir of a soul's despair,

But rather, the gentle undulations

Where moments breathe the open air.

This space, untouched by commerce or woe,

A sanctuary for spirits to convene,

Here, existence flows with a tranquil glow,

Cradling serenity in its serene.

Beyond victory, beyond any loss,

A path unfolds with quiet grace.

Here we wander, gather moss,

And in soft turns, our essence trace.

In this tender verge, love finds its true form,

Emerging pure, unshielded, and immense.

Connections deepen, far from the storm,

In perfect harmony, without pretense.

Let us treasure this liminal embrace,

The precious interludes between.

For in these pauses, we find a sacred space,

To discover the peace and love unseen.

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