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Twisted Love: A Heart's Journey

Updated: Jan 21

In one swift moment, love took a turn

In a heartbeat, your heart had to learn

Like a shock to the system

It cauterizes, sealing the wound fast

A gentle spiral in your chest

Of sweet scents, blooming love, intertwined

A twist, a drop, and a seed is cast

Seasons of love, in your heart alight

But the spiral takes a wrong turn

Tearing roots, damaging what was sound

A dark cloud looms, casting shadows

Love withers, falling to the ground

The spiral becomes a pit of fear

A cycle of hate and terror, ever near

The plug falls out, exposing the void

Love cannot survive without its joy

Hate feeds on deceit, but love shines bright

The ego needs both, but which to fight?

Choose wisely, for shadows follow the incomplete

Love must be tended, for it too compete.


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