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Wandering Without Strings: Part 8 - Embracing Authenticity

As a child, I misunderstood the concept of being the "bigger person." It was presented as a simple directive: rise above, let go, be kind, regardless of the cost to myself. This guidance, though well-intentioned, lacked the nuance and depth needed to truly understand its implications. It wasn’t until much later that I realized the importance of protecting my peace and preserving my authenticity while navigating this complex idea.

I had to throw out the concept of being the "bigger person." For so long, it felt like an unfair burden, a piece of guidance pushed upon me throughout my life, demanding that I rise above without consideration for my own needs and well-being. This journey has been about redefining what it means to be true to myself and finding a balance that protects my peace and preserves my authenticity.

In my journey, I've come to realize that it’s no longer about "being the bigger person." Instead, it's about cultivating inner strength. It's about protecting my peace and preserving my authenticity. I have learned to set boundaries that safeguard my well-being and happiness.

I extended kindness, approached with an open heart, and showed my true self. Despite this, there are those who may never understand the gravity of their actions, forever confined by their limited perspectives and ingrained prejudices. Their minds, colonized by a lifetime of unchallenged beliefs, are unable to grasp the pain they’ve inflicted.

To cultivate inner strength, I must accept that their ignorance is not my burden to carry. I can rise above their lack of understanding and refuse to let their actions dictate my worth or direction. My journey is about growth, healing, and forging a path that honors my true self.

Acceptance is sweet; it allows for a liberated mind. This liberated mind has allowed me to enjoy the beauty and abundance that surrounds me. It has given me the space to savor the little things and truly appreciate life in all its intricacies.

The intricacies are where the gold lies. Sometimes I call this the "in-between" space; others refer to it as the liminal space—the space where everything is allowed to exist just as it is. In this space, I find profound peace and clarity. It's where growth happens, where healing takes root, and where my true self can flourish without the weight of others' expectations or misunderstandings.

In this liminal space, I embrace the journey of cultivating inner strength, not through grand gestures, but through small, meaningful acts of self-care and self-affirmation. Each step forward is a testament to my resilience and my commitment to living authentically. Here, in the quiet moments of reflection and the subtle shifts in perspective, I find the strength to continue my path, honoring the person I am becoming and the life I am creating.

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