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We Are All Addicted

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

In our society, the concept of addiction has been reduced to a surface-level understanding that only encompasses specific forms of maladaptive behavior like substance use disorders or workaholism. This narrow perception fails to grasp the underlying reasons for addiction, which stem from a lack of connection, isolation, and loneliness in our lives. It is a manifestation of our disconnection from the fundamental principle of love, which is the foundation of our humanity.

We must go beyond the surface-level stigma surrounding addiction and recognize that this issue is a collective one. We are all interconnected and were once united before systemic

social structures created division. The root of the problem is not about drugs and alcohol, but rather the discomfort of disconnection that leads us to seek comfort in things outside ourselves.

The answers to our societal crisis can be found within ourselves and in the experiences of the marginalized, the addicted, the homeless, and the isolated. To heal, we must start by loving and accepting the broken, diseased, rejected, and abnormal parts of ourselves. This love then grows and spreads, allowing individuals to help one another heal from their coping mechanisms.

It may sound cliché, but the truth remains: all we need is love. When we love and accept ourselves, it becomes easier to love and accept others, regardless of their form of addiction. In this way, the collective love grows, and we come to realize that we are all the same, we all matter, and we are all addicted in our own unique ways.

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