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We are all addicted

We live in an addicted society. The drug addict is no different than the workaholic, the caffeine addict, or the codependent. The are all maladaptive behaviors that society has acquired do to lack of connection, isolation, and loneliness. A complete departure from the fundamental all inclusive basis of humanity, LOVE.

Substance use disorders just happen to be the addictions that are the hardest to hide. SUD is out in the open, easy to stigmatize. It’s easy to point fingers towards everything and everyone that is not the collective.

However this problem is a collective problem, we were all one before systemic social structures over history pulled us apart and created thousands of divisions in our human nature.

I don’t pretend to know the answer to the current crisis at hand but I do know the crisis is not about drugs and alcohol, we have to dig deeper.

It’s about humans trying to do this human thing alone. We were never meant to face life alone. But the discomfort of disconnection forces us to seek comfort in things outside ourselves.

Perhaps the answers are not outside ourselves perhaps they are written on the hearts of the homeless, the marginalized, the addicted, and the isolated.

Perhaps we need to go within ourselves and love ourselves because that is loving the collective. Perhaps those who are fortunate enough to understand this, those who have healed pieces of their broken humanity can then begin to help others heal too.

It is not cliche when I say, all we need is love. This is the truth we need to love the most haunting, broken, diseased, rejected, and abnormal parts of ourselves, then it becomes easy to love others along with all their maladaptive coping mechanisms.

Then little by little the love grows and the homeless man helps the meth addict and the meth addict helps the sex addict and the sex addict helps the work addict, and work addict helps the hoarder, and the hoarder helps the overeater, and the overeater helps the gambler, and the gambler helps the video gamer. The collective love grows because we are all the same, we all matter, and we are all addicted!

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