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Why I Write

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Someone said to me once that you can tell a person’s intelligence by the way they write. I didn’t necessarilly agree with them but the idea, which seemed novel to me at the time, stuck with me.

My relationship with the person who told me this was that of admiration, not mutually, but at the time I admired him and so his words mattered. Because of this emotion towards this person I began to unconsiously beleive that a person’s intelligence was somehow delineanted by their writing suave.

Today I broke that belief, thank god. I mean, if I have this belief or judgement that a person’s ability to write for the masses makes them intelligent then what I was saying to myself is that, I was not intelligent. Which is absolutely not true.

For me a person’s intelligence is determined by a multipltude of different things. But it is certainingly not determined by the WAY you write. If writing is a key component of intellgence, which I beleive it is, I think it is determined by WHY you write.

The Top 10 reason WHY I write…

1. I write for myself, it’s a form of self-care and self-love

2. I write to become a better writer, everything requires practice to become good at it

3. I write to inspire

4. I write to transform myself

5. I write to build my self esteem and confidence

6. I write to empower others to write

7. I write because it makes me a better reader

8. I write because writing is fun

9. I write because it makes me a better friend, partner, daughter and mom

10. I write because words matter

Why do you write? Leave me a comment I would love to hear your thoughts.

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