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Power Cries

As I stand here, truth-telling to those who wield power, I am struck by the gravity of their discomfort. It is not just a mere discomfort, but a fear of losing control, a fear of facing the winds of change. My words, like a dental extraction, are wrenching their teeth out, one by one.

However, true power does not reside in the ruthless desire for domination and control. Rather, it thrives in the notion of power with and power in. This power is a liberating force, one that bridges gaps, not erects barriers. It unites the people and empowers them with the authority to create positive change.

And yet, those who lust after power over others, those who relish in control and domination, resort to primitive tactics. They wail and complain, crying out to their maternal figures, as if deserving a say in how the world should be run. Such actions, in reality, are rooted in a deep sense of entitlement, not true power.

True power, the kind that resonates from within, is not achieved by crushing others underfoot, but by lifting them up. It emerges from collaboration, not competition, and thrives on vulnerability, not invincibility.

Let the cries of those who seek power over others fade into obscurity, for their cries will be forgotten. Let the voices of those who yearn for power with and power in, echo throughout the ages. It is through this collective power, we can unlock the door to true liberation, and create a world that is just and equitable for all.

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