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Uncovering the Gift Within: A Conversation on Trusting and Sharing One's Unique Abilities

Me: That was an incredibly intense experience.

Source: Yes, it was. Are you feeling alright?

Me: I'm not entirely sure. It felt like I had to expel all my energy to help that little baby.

Source: You know that you have a unique gift, don't you?

Me: I suppose I can move energy in a way that not many others can.

Source: Exactly. But why do you think others view it as absurd or make-believe?

Me: I think it's because what I can do isn't easily understood or quantified. And sometimes, I don't even believe in it myself.

Source: That's precisely why it's your gift. It's not meant to be fully understood or quantified. It's meant to be something special that only you can bring into the world.

Me: But how can I share my gift with others when our world is so focused on validation and credentials?

Source: You don't need validation or credentials to share your gift. You create your own credentials by being true to yourself and your abilities. Trust that the right people will recognize your gift for what it is and appreciate it. And in turn, you'll inspire others to see the world in a different light.

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