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A human being being human
Recovery from the human condition

"I'm just walking around with something valid to say
But I don't make a sound cause no one's talking today
I just do what I'm told cause I'm so afraid
To be the one who lives life in a different way" Gracie & Rachel

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Whirl of Thoughts

I cannot sleep, my mind doth race, With thoughts that swirl like endless chase, Of joy and weariness, a strange mix, Am I extrovert, or...

Smoke Circles

Swathed in dusty clothes, body breaking, heart aching Contentment was out of your reach Slapped our hands if we out stretched Pupils...

The Force

A hidden power that I sense Its presence strong, it won't dispense. Youthful hopes crushed by duties calls, Suppressed by fear, my...

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

Shame is peculiar. I’ve been in some spaces recently where I have been shamed. Shamed for promoting collective compassion and kindness of...

An AI Alignment

System Transformation needs to develop a keen awareness and understanding of AI. Is this the tool the increases the thrust?

What is a Transformation Enabler?

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!” – Peter Senge I have so much to say about disrupting the status quo. I work in a...

Why I Write

Someone said to me once that you can tell a person’s intelligence by the way they write. I didn’t necessarilly agree with them but the...

Connect the Dots, La La La La

Entropy is typically associated with thermodynamics however entropy exists in all systems, nonliving and living, that possess free energy...

Will You Marry Me?

What is marriage? Everyone has there own unique understanding and expectations of marriage that are developed and imprinted on us by...

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

You don’t have to choose sides. That is what they want us to think, but it’s not true. You can have any values that you want to have,...

Letter to the editor: New human

New Human, I bet that you want to be with the people you love and who love you, doing what matters to you most with a full sense of...

Women in a Patriarchal Culture

What is a Patriarchal Culture? A word, literally meaning "rule of the father" from ancient Greek, patriarchy is a broad-spectrum...

Patriarchal Loyalty

I went through I real eye opening experience recently. Oppression, though highly intersectional is not always equitably transferable....

It's You

My Dearest Sher, Since you were a little girl deep in your heart you believed that the world was your oyster and that you could make a...

Self Actualized

“I am convinced that at this point we are going through a transformational crisis, from which we and our world cannot emerge unchanged.”...

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