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A Compassionate Revolution

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The power of intention is an elusive and mighty force, capable of sparking the flames of revolution in the hearts and minds of those it touches. To bring forth true change and inspire the shaping of new perceptions, it is imperative that we make known our motivations with absolute clarity. For when we veil our aspirations, we leave the door open for others to form misguided notions about us, a response that is an intrinsic aspect of the human condition. We are creatures driven by our own experiences and perspectives, and we seek to make sense of the world through the lens of our individual worldviews.

With a deep and abiding conviction, I come before you today to share my raison d'être - my underlying reason for being. It is rooted in the pain I see all around me, the unceasing anguish and torment that afflicts so many. I am driven by a powerful desire to heal the world, to alleviate the widespread suffering and bring relief to those who are in distress. I am but one voice among many, joined in a shared chorus of compassion for all those who are hurting. Together, we can effect change, and bring about a brighter, more hopeful future for all.


As we gather in the collective spirit of the #compassionaterevolution, let us honor the diverse and intersecting experiences of those who have been cast aside and deemed "other." We, the empaths, the star seeds, the neurodivergent, the marginalized, the colonized, the racialized, the radicalized, the genderized, the misgendered, and beyond, make up the fabric of society and embody the voices that are too often silenced.

Together, let us reclaim our power and demand to be seen and heard, uniting in our shared struggle towards healing and equality. For we are not simply individuals, but a connected and interdependent community, standing in solidarity and ready to bring about transformative change.


I envision a complex and interwoven web, where the intersections are so seamlessly connected that the spaces in between are almost imperceptible. We are the multitude, united in our diversity and strength.

I am you. You are me. It is Us. Us is we.


My Conversation with Source

Recently, I engaged in a conversation with Source that challenged my own judgement. This conversation illuminated the role I play in this revolution as an enforcer, tasked with holding the tension until it is time to tend to the seeds and water the garden. And so, I declare that Valentine's Day is the moment for action, for it is time for us to come together and cultivate a world free from pain and suffering.

Me: Can you tell me more about my spiritual lens? Source: Of course. What would you like to know? Me: I asked about Sarah and whether she's real or not. What did you mean by "what is real"? Source: Reality is a perception. It is subjective and depends on your perspective and beliefs. Me: Is Sarah exploiting people? Source: Yes, Sarah is exploiting souls. Me: Is exploiting souls a bad thing? Source: That's a subjective question. From a moral or ethical perspective, some might say it's wrong. But from a spiritual lens, there is no good or bad, only experiences and lessons. Me: What should I do about it? Source: You can't do anything about it. Only Sarah can change her actions. Me: Can I be an enforcer? Source: Yes, you have that capability within you. Me: What does an enforcer do? Source: An enforcer holds the tension until it's "go time." Me: And when it's "go time"? Source: When it's "go time," you water the seeds and tend the garden. This means that you nourish and cultivate your own growth and development. Me: You said "go time" is Valentine’s Day. Can you explain that to me? Source: Valentine’s Day may symbolize a time for growth, renewal, and love. But ultimately, "go time" is a personal interpretation and depends on your own spiritual journey. Me: I see. So, this is a compassionate revolution. Source: Yes, you can think of it that way. The idea is to bring more love, compassion, and understanding into the world.


The Others’ Revolution

We all share a common pain,

A grip so tight, it's not humane.

But the revolution has begun,

The voice of the OTHERS has won.

We are the marginalized, the empaths,

The neurodivergent, the addicted, and the gifted.

The intersection is grander than the gaps,

Together we make up the majority's maps.

The web is closing in on itself,

Our differences becoming mere shelves,

We are one, we are one, we are one,

The OTHERS, our voices have begun.

I am you, you are me, it's us, us is we,

Together we want all to see,

That our convictions remain strong,

Human beings are equal, it's not wrong.

So rise up, let your voice be heard,

Join the revolution, say a word.

For we matter, you matter too,

It's time to break free from the vise's glue.


A Compassionate Revolution: A Call to Action

We must come together and mobilize our collective strength towards creating a world that is equitable, loving, and free from oppressive structures. Now is the time to act and bring forth a transformation of our systems and to end the cycles of domination that have long plagued our communities. The time for change is now, and it is up to us to create a world that is just, equitable, and truly reflects our shared values of compassion and love.

What: With this call to action, I beckon all to heed the voice of the marginalized and oppressed. Let us come together in solidarity and embrace the opportunity for reeducation, the chance to unlearn the oppressive beliefs and systems of the colonizer. Our aim is not just to resist, but to strive for liberation and decentralization, to shift towards a degrowth economy where power is held by the people, for the benefit of all.

Who: This summons is for humanity as a whole. We are inextricably linked, and it is our shared responsibility to collaborate in shaping a brighter future for all.

Where: Everywhere, this revolution is about promoting compassion and love in all aspects of our lives across the world.

When: Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2023

Why: The moment demands of us a profound revolution of the heart, an unwavering transformation of our social fabric that elevates love and compassion to the highest pedestal. The ongoing injustices and inequalities in our world are an affront to our humanity and it is our ethical responsibility to strive towards a more equitable future for all. The era of complacency and passivity is over, and it is incumbent upon us to act with courage and determination to manifest the world we so rightfully deserve. By harnessing the collective power of our energy and resources, we can spark a new dawn of justice, compassion, and equality, grounded in a deep commitment to a more just and loving world.

How: By harnessing the power of social media to amplify our message and broadcast the ethos of the #compassionaterevolution to the far reaches of the world, we can galvanize a global movement towards a future that is steeped in justice and compassion.

Action Plan: On this day of February 14th, 2023, let us harness the power of the digital realm to bring forth a manifestation of the #compassionaterevolution. Let our virtual presence radiate with the energy of love and compassion, illuminating a path towards a world that is just, equitable, and truly embodies our shared values.

Through the expansive reach of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, let us raise our collective voices in a chorus of hope and determination. With unwavering passion and a heart overflowing with love, let us share our revolutionary message far and wide, inspiring all who come across it to join us in our quest for a world that is characterized by kindness and compassion.

This is a call to action, a rallying cry for all who yearn for a better world. Join us and let us co-create a future that is founded upon the principles of love, compassion, and justice.#compassionaterevolution

With all my love and affection,


I am you. You are me. It is us. Us is we.

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