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Dear Duane

In recent years, I've diligently chronicled my introspective journey, sharing a collection of ramblings, poems, essays, and reflections on my ongoing voyage of self-discovery and recovery. Along the way, I've garnered a modest yet devoted following of readers who engage with my musings. I love you all!

There have been moments when I've questioned the purpose of sharing these personal narratives publicly. You see, I'm not particularly skilled in matters of executive organization or adept at navigating the intricacies of self-promotion in the labyrinthine world of social media algorithms. So, I simply write and post, and my following has organically grown through a few candid social media interactions and sharing links on my Facebook account.

But there have been times when I contemplated throwing in the towel. Some individuals actively sought out my website, employing it as a retaliatory weapon within my workplace. I've also faced rejection and ridicule for my unconventional thinking and my habit of deconstructing concepts even before fully grasping them. In those moments, it felt as though I stood on the precipice of giving up.

Yet, today, an email arrived from one of my devoted followers, someone who has evolved into a dear friend over time. Our relationship is one of reciprocity, founded on trust and mutual respect. Duane, my friend, has imparted invaluable lessons in resilience and the importance of remaining true to oneself. He's been there to guide me away from the brink, intervening during times when an autistic meltdown could have cascaded into a broader relationship crisis.

His email today served as a poignant reminder of the essence of my writing. It's a unique skill I possess—to convey my thoughts in a way that allows others to grasp intricate and often confounding social complexities, igniting their personal journey of introspection. However, like any talent, practice is the key to growth. My words were once timid, constricted, and confined, and it's only through relentless practice that I've been able to sculpt and refine them with thoughtful curiosity, recognizing the immense power residing within our means of communication.

When Daune read an essay I had penned on hierarchy, it emboldened him to delve into the concept independently, ultimately leading to a shift in his perspective. Witnessing someone's growing self-awareness and their willingness to challenge their own beliefs and actions is a profoundly impactful experience. His introspection and choice to relinquish hierarchical titles in the face of established structures reflect a dedication to personal growth and a belief in the potential for positive transformation.

It's the small, gradual changes such as these that can indeed contribute to reshaping mindsets and advancing toward a more equitable and just society. This serves as a testament to the significance of critical self-examination and taking proactive steps to align one's values with their actions. Such introspection and progress can inspire others to embark on similar journeys, collectively working toward a more inclusive and equitable world.

Duane, I want to express my deep gratitude for your care and friendship. I recognize that I can be quite a handful, and there are moments when I feel overwhelming even to myself. However, your willingness to share your journey with me has been an invaluable source of support and growth. I firmly believe that it is through our mutual understanding and reciprocity that we can have a meaningful impact on the world. Together, we genuinely belong here, making our mark on the world in our unique way. 💕💫

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1 Comment

Duane Dillard
Duane Dillard
Sep 02, 2023

Thank you Shamani.

”Iron sharpens iron“. I appreciate you greatly. I can be a handful also. We are core people. We have love and desire to grow in our core. As long as we stay focused, we can make a difference in the world. You will always have an advocate in me.

Be the Light.

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