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Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

You don’t have to choose sides. That is what they want us to think, but it’s not true. You can have any values that you want to have, conservative, liberal, both, neither. The system is fucking with you.

They are using you as a pawn in their divisive game. The more they divide us the less chance we have to take them down. We are so busy trying to prove who’s right and who is wrong that we forget that we are on the same team, team humanity.

Elites rule this country. Did you know that studies show that the more power and status you attain the less empathy and perspective taking you have. Rebublicans don’t want to make the rich richer as much as the democrats don’t want to tax the shit out of the middle class. It’s all a game to them, they have no understanding of what the world is like for the working class and nor do they want to.

All they care about is keeping their elite status. Our country is run by folks who cognitively can not put themselves in our shoes. They are very, very sick. So sick that they try to make us beleive that we are the sick ones.

When you are working two jobs to keep a roof over your head they make you beleive that you are disordered when depression sinks in. Depression is a normal physiological and psychological response to living a meaningless life.

When you begin to cope with traumas caused by systemic opression with drugs, alcohol, shopping, social media, video games etc…, the system makes you beleive that there is something wrong with you. Coping strategies are totally normal response and they know this and they make the most opressive ones readily avaiable.

The system makes money off of opressing people, they literally sell us these toxic strategies. Alochol is the most harmful substance and it is legal and avaiable everywhere. Why? Because it is a tool of opression to keep the ones who know the truth, people like me from speaking up.

Capitalism is working just as it is suppose to folks, it is totally twisted. It is an economic system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. It devalues human qualities of compassion like empathy, dignity, autonomy, and soverignty and values materialism, money, power, and greed! The elites are stuck in this distorted world, void of any humanity.

Capitalism is crashing as I write this. Who you vote for doesn’t really matter other than the left seem to have a more solid take on reality. The far right values tradition and they are reslient at their core but they are disillusioned and will fight to maintain the very system that is hurting them. The far left well, they are stuck in a moral war with themselves overly focused on identity politics. It seems to me that they are eager to take it down as fast as possible but they have no long game.

This issues in this country, in this world are much broader and deeper than most can imagine. The elites are well aware of this, they are in it to save themselves. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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