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A Healing Unveiling

In the tapestry of my being, a letter imprinted,

Etched upon finger and palm, a life's story hinted.

Lines that weave a narrative, a tale to be told,

Each curve and arc, a journey of silver and gold.

In a moment's grace, a channel unveiled,

Words flowed forth, a story unfurled.

A shadow softly spoke, a wave tenderly held,

Guided by presence, my soul gracefully swelled.

Keep going, it urged, let truths unfold,

A dance with essence, a tale to be told.

His image invoked a poignant trace,

Mutual heartaches, wounds to face.

Unhealed echoes of a shared pain,

Fragility veiled, a mask to maintain.

Lost and adrift, not a trace of malice,

As reasons unfurled, past's intricate lattice.

Childhood dreams met reality's shift,

Words, once cherished, now relentlessly sift.

Brightness within met disdain's might,

Yet, here I stand, bathed in my own light.

No longer tethered to your judgment's string,

Visions real, in this healing spring.

Guided by every twist, every turn,

Closer to knowing, lessons learned.


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