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Stepping into Strength

On the first day of my journey towards sobriety, amidst the whirlwind of emotions and the daunting path ahead, I found solace and expression through the art of poetry. This poem emerged not just as a collection of words, but as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the courage to embrace change. It reflects the tumultuous yet hopeful commencement of a journey away from the shadows of dependency, towards a life of clarity and newfound purpose. This piece marks not only a personal milestone but also serves as a beacon of hope for anyone standing at the threshold of their own transformation. Here is the poem that encapsulated my thoughts and emotions on that significant first day of sobriety:

Stepping into Strength

This is your journey, your chosen path,

Stretch beyond the stars, embrace each aftermath.

See in every fall, a lesson to adorn,

In failures, find the seeds of growth reborn.

Harvest the fruits of actions past,

From the garden of choices, vast.

Lift yourself, with resolve and grasp,

In your hands, your future clasp.

Own the steps you choose to tread,

Nurture your spirit, be self-led.

Shed the tears, but rise with might,

In your heart, hold the power of light.


This poem holds the rawness of my initial steps towards a life unchained from the bonds of addiction, a path that many brave souls embark on in the pursuit of healing and self-discovery.


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