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A Manifesto of Self-Governance

I will make you uneasy,

It's your response to this discomfort that truly matters,

For your unease is not my burden to carry.

Prepare, for I may let you down,

Yet shame shall not weigh upon my soul,

As I navigate the treacherous waters of survival

In the depths of late-stage capitalism.

Self-governance is my creed,

A pact with myself that cannot be broken.

Tell me, what guides your choices, your path?

For principles and values are the compass by which I steer.

Within the quiet moments of each day,

My spirit practices its sacred rites,

Personal and profound—

Not to be paraded or proclaimed,

But woven through the fabric of my being.

I am autistic—

A declaration, not a plea.

Your systems, your constructs,

They constrict rather than embrace.

I seek space—safe and sound—

To voice my needs,

To transform and be transformed,

In the pursuit of true inclusion.

My well-being is paramount,

A priority that will not be sidelined.

I refuse to partake in the hollow tasks,

Those devoid of meaning or necessity,

Without consensus, without my consent.

For in this life, my actions must resonate

With the core of who I am,

And what I stand for.

I am unapologetically me.


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