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Updated: Jan 21

As a child, one of my most cherished books was Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham," featuring the ever-persistent Sam-I-Am. I was so enamored with this book that I went to great lengths to memorize every word, and even now, at the age of 44, I can still recite it from start to finish. Yet, it wasn't until a recent moment of introspection that I paused to contemplate why this specific book had nestled so deeply within my heart, prompted by the reflection of a friendly mirror.

In hindsight, I've come to realize that I identified strongly with Sam-I-Am. Much like Sam, I was never content with the status quo. I had a penchant for challenging conventional thinking and encouraging others to explore new perspectives, just as Sam relentlessly urged his companion to try those unconventional green eggs and ham. It was as if I, too, was on a mission to broaden the horizons of those around me, nudging them to step outside their comfort zones and consider alternatives.

Reflecting on my own experiences, it's almost tempting to reimagine the story with me as the protagonist – perhaps "Sher-I-Am." Instead of green eggs and ham, we could explore a world where the unconventional is celebrated, and where the pursuit of new ideas and unconventional choices is met with curiosity and open-mindedness. In this updated tale, Sher-I-Am would embark on adventures of innovation, encouraging others to embrace change and discover the delightful surprises that lie beyond their preconceived notions.

In many ways, my childhood attachment to "Green Eggs and Ham" foreshadowed my lifelong journey of pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and advocating for a world where diversity of thought and unconventional ideas are celebrated. Just as Sam-I-Am's persistence eventually leads to his companion's willingness to try something new, I believe that promoting open-mindedness and a willingness to explore the unknown can enrich our lives and help us embrace the ever-changing landscapes of our own personal narratives.


In a world quite peculiar, there lived Sher-I-Am,

A woman so bold, with an unending plan.

She pushed all the limits, broke through every norm,

With ideas that danced and ideas that would swarm.

"I'm Sher-I-Am!" she proclaimed with a smile, "

Come join in my journey, it's quite worthwhile!

No green eggs or ham, but a world full of dreams,

Where the most splendid things aren't always what they seem."

With a twinkle in her eye and a heart full of grace,

Sher-I-Am led the way to a whimsical place,

Where the status quo quivered and fears took a hike,

And the path to new wonders was just what she'd like.

She'd challenge each notion, each thought we held tight,

She'd question and ponder from morning till night.

For Sher-I-Am knew that the world could be grand,

If we dared to adventure, to dream, and expand.

No limits, no boxes, just open wide skies,

And a canvas of dreams where our hearts could devise.

A tapestry woven with colors so bright,

In the world of Sher-I-Am, it's a beautiful sight.

So let's journey with Sher, our courageous guide,

To explore the unknown, side by side.

For in the footsteps of this thinker so free,

We'll discover the wonders of what we can be.

In a world quite peculiar, with Sher-I-Am's flair,

We'll create our own stories, a legacy to share.

With hearts full of wonder and minds set to roam,

We'll make every day feel like we're coming home.


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Duane Dillard
23 sept 2023


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