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Smoke Circles

Updated: Jan 21

Swathed in dusty clothes, body breaking, heart aching

Contentment was out of your reach

Slapped our hands if we out stretched

Pupils dilated like cold emotionless marbles

You erected a wall of flames ignited by fear

Egging on the entry to hell

I tried to face the blaze but the burns mutilated

Smoldering flesh can’t be enduring

Maggots begun eating from the inside out

A moral failure ensued

Relishing in my imperfections

Taunting with subtle retaliation

Mocking overcompensation

Retreating to your dungeon of counterfeit empathy

“You are not lovable”, you say

I believe you

Shadows lurking in hidden corridors

Loneliness defined

Love succumbed by loathing

Grasping at smoke circles


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